The beautiful blue summer sky


The wonderful thing about puddles, I think,
Is the way they supply the Earth with a drink.
They nurture all creatures, they make the grass grow.
When Mr. Sun shines on them, my, how they glow.
They’re such a temptation to every small child,
To splash in them, dance in them, excited and wild.
To test out the depth of them, sending droplets on high,
Yes, puddles are surely a gift from the sky.
So what does it matter if water is spread
From little, bright gumboots, to tops of small heads?
A bit of the sky has been given for play.
Best get in and enjoy before it dwindles away.
That’s the thing about puddles, they never last long.
So they have to be cherished before they are gone.
They need to be seen as the treasures they are,
The pleasures they offer, to all, near or far. SPLASH!
– Dolores Moore


Om skwadra

Skwadra means "she who laughs most of the time" Thats me, Karin Andrén. Welcome to my kingdom, The Kingdom Of Red Barns.
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