Black and White Exhibition Dalarna 2011

Clippety Clop

Got this pic accepted for this exhibition WIIIHIIII!!! My sweet little niece Alva clippety-clop around and around ❤

In my IG stream I sometimes do a thing I call #PayItForward. I love the idea of paying it forward. I do a shootout with some of the people I follow and let others got the opportunity to follow that person, to enjoy there great, awesome feed. 🙂 Today at the exhibition a friend of mine Jörgen Steen from Falu PhotoClub got 4 of 4 pic accepted!! Grand Slam!! Follow this link to his blog 




Om skwadra

Skwadra means "she who laughs most of the time" Thats me, Karin Andrén. Welcome to my kingdom, The Kingdom Of Red Barns.
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