The bench – A day like this

The bench, originally uploaded by skwadra.

A day like this.
I just wanna travel, travel in time. Back to the summer when the warm breeze gently caressed my skin and the air filled with the scent of rosemary, lavender and pine. when the days were filled with peace and quiet by the poolside with a good book to read. When the body was feeling good and I could rest without pain. Marvel at how fragile the body is, that a single wrong step can change everything in a snap. Therefore I want to rest in the memory of the summer. Rest on this bench, still there waiting for me to come and rest . Tomorrow is another day and I’ve got an appointment with my osteopath to fix this.


Om skwadra

Skwadra means "she who laughs most of the time" Thats me, Karin Andrén. Welcome to my kingdom, The Kingdom Of Red Barns.
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